Prevent skin cancer risks by drinking coffee

Prevent skin cancer risks by drinking coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage consumed in the morning for people who seek energy boost needed for a day of activities. There are already many health research that found that drinking coffee can improve your body’s health.

A study recently reported by, found one interesting benefits of drinking coffee. Research of Cancer Research, UK, revealed that drinking coffee can reduce the risk for skin cancer even down to the melanoma  type of skin that is Malignant, if you drink 4 cups of coffee per day.

“Our study involves 3,000 patients with skin cancer showed that the caffeine in coffee is capable of eliminating cells damaged by UV radiation, which is a major cause of skin cancer. That is why coffee is able to keep you from bad things,” explained Sarah Williams, researchers from the research organizations. “We ourselves have proven that those who diligently drink coffee every day can decrease the risk of cancer by 20%,” she continued.

However, this study also warns that your coffee consumption should not be more than 4 cups per day. Because your blood pressure will rise if here are a lot of caffeine in your body.

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