Prevent Stress in Infants With a Healthy Diet During Pregnancy


The saying ‘eating for two’ during pregnancy has a broader meaning than just physical health. A mother who eats high-fat menu during pregnancy tend to make the baby more aggressive or has excessive anxiety.

A study by the National Primate Research Center, in Beaverton, Oregon, found that babies whose mothers apes have a high-fat diet during pregnancy are more susceptible to stress and anxiety compared with mothers who eat a healthy diet.

Although this study was conducted in apes, there are many similarities with pregnancy in humans. Therefore, there is a physiology closeness between the human and primate, said Kevin according to LiveScience.

The study distinguished diet of monkey groups who are pregnant. One group of female monkeys with 35 percent fat diet, and other low-fat diet by 13 percent. When a baby is a month old, the lead researcher Elinor Sullivan made the infant to be in a stressful conditions, by the presence of foreign human near the cage and new toys in their cage.

The result, of all infants, 78 percent of babies whose mothers ate a diet high in fat react with dismay or more aggressive. While only 11 per cent among baby monkeys with mothers of low-fat diet that showed a negative reaction.

More surprisingly, the researchers said, overweight does not affect the baby but what affects them is the diet during pregnancy. Symptoms of anxiety in babies can be reduced if a mother switched to a better diet during pregnancy.