Prevent weight gain by killing ‘fat gene’


Prevent weight gain by killing 'fat gene'Often failed to diet and lose weight? Or can not resist the urge to eat fatty foods? Now there is an easier way to avoid weight gain, which is by turning off or killing the genes that cause obesity in the body.

A study conducted over the past two years shows that eliminating certain genes in mice can make them immune to obesity. Even when rats are eating a lot of calories, their body weight remained increased.

“When eating a lot of foods that contain fat, these mice still did not become obese,” said Professor James McManaman of the University of Colorado, as reported by the Daily Mail (06/03).

McManaman revealed the possibility to duplicate this method in humans to prevent obesity. Eliminating the obesity gene is sometimes able to make the fat more quickly broken down by the body.

The gene that in humans is called Plin2 size is 20 percent larger than the gene in mice. In addition to preventing obesity, eliminating this gene also means eliminating other diseases such as liver disease caused by obesity.

Furthermore, researchers will conduct further studies to see how the process of eliminating these genes will work physically and their effect on the consumption of food.