Prohibition of Surgery for Smokers and Obese People


Nothing is better than maintaining a healthy body by running a healthy lifestyle. Not just dangerous to health, cigarette addicts and obese people would have much difficulty if you have health problems.

In the UK, most doctors will tend to disallow cigarette addicts and obese people who want to perform a surgery. Doctors from Hertfordshire even decided to limit access of surgery for the two classes of people who do not care about their health.

According to Genius Beauty, the main reason doctors refuse surgery for smokers and obese people is the higher risk. Obese people and smokers often have complications after surgery.

“These patients also tend to spend more time in the hospital and are more susceptible to postoperative infection,” said Head of Clinical North-East Hertfordshire Tony Kostick.

Denial or limitation of the doctors to operate smokers and obese people are considered discriminatory and controversial.

Although causing much debate, the doctors still recommend that everyone should get rid of any bad habits like smoking and eating lots of junk foods that can cause a person to become overweight.

Not only that, the doctors also believe that, “When obese patients lose weight, they do not even need surgery,” said Tony Kostick.