Protein consumption in the morning make you slim?


Protein consumption in the morning make you slimUsually dinner is always served special. There are a variety of dishes ranging from vegetables to delicious meat. Quite often many people choose meat for dinner meal. But you did know if you eat a lot of protein at night, it makes difficult to sleep?

Eating a lot of protein at night can have a negative effect on your sleep patterns. Because it will make you difficult to fall asleep. In addition, the fat content will be settled so it makes the stomach feel bloated.

Preferably at night you should eat carbs. Therefore more serotonin is produced from carbohydrates. Serotonin itself is a chemical that affects mood, sleep and appetite patterns.

In contrast, consumption of more protein in the morning have a lot of benefits. Your body can be slim without worrying about frequent snacking. Check out his review as reported by healthmeup (11/7):

– You will feel more alert. You do not limp and always easy to concentrate at work.

– You will feel full thus preventing snacking unhealthy foods  during the day. You do not have to be afraid because of the fat of snacking.

– You do not get hungry faster, especially at night so that it can reduce the intake of protein at dinner that can prevent sleep patterns.

Well, change your diet so that you do not interfere with sleep patterns at night.