Psychopath Symptoms Can be Detected Since Childhood

Psychopath kid Health Tips – Psychopaths usually occurs in adults, but symptoms can be detected from childhood.

So, what are the signs of children who may develop symptoms of a psychopath?

Science of psychology, defines psychopathy as a personality disorder characterized by the absence of moral principles, emotional and inability to show normal behavior. People who have this disorder are called psychopaths.

Some mental health experts said that this condition can be recognized since the first signs that allow toddlers to grow into a psychopath.

But sometimes this is not necessarily true, because characteristics and personality can be changed. In addition, there are also people who become psychopaths as adults because of problems in the past.

Early symptoms can be noticed by parents is if the child does not have a sense of empathy and we can also see signs of danger that comes from within himself.

Yet it is still difficult to detect whether a child can develop a psychopath or not, because environmental factors also has anĀ  influence.

According to, based on a study conducted for 25 years, since the age of 3 years, there is a different temperament and physiology of a child who has a psychopathic tendencies as adults or not.

These results have been published in The Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 2007.

The research team hypothesized the child can be a psychopath as an adult if the children do not show fear, always looking for something new, has a less friendly attitude and show reduced sensitivity to negative stimuli.

Other signs that appear when the child is already in a excessive levels of delinquency, aloof, like breaking things, stealing, lying, like damaging things especially when angry and likes to yell.

If this occurs, immediately take early prevention, so children are not accustomed to such behavior.

Until now there is no definitive answer about the theory of nature that causes a person to bring a psychopath. But some strong evidence about the role of genetics comes from a 2005 study published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

The results of this study found very strong genetic component to extreme antisocial behavior such as fighting, bullying, lying, cheating and stealing is found in children who have a high callous-unemotional personality traits (CU).

Harsh environmental factors which are marked with a case of abuse, deprivation, violence, households that are not happy or a bad past life can affect behavior. But if everything is okay there is the possibility that genetic factors have more influence.

Although researchers are looking for psychopathy genes, Hare believes there will never be a single gene that affects. But more likely a group of genes that do not know how those mechanisms can affect properties such as impulsivity, fear and empathy for someone. Although the gene was discovered later, it does not mean someone was definitely born a psychopath.

“Someone can not be born a psychopath, but maybe that person has the basics. The point of all people are born with a temperament and this is formed from the environment,” said Hare, psychopaths experts from Canada, as quoted from MSNBC.

In addition to looking for genetic markers, the researchers also analyzed the brain of a psychopath using imaging techniques to get directions.

Researchers indicate that psychopaths is likely caused by lack of activity on the part of the brain like the amygdala that plays a key role in terms of emotion.

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