Quick Remedies To Overcome Mouth Ulcer


Quick Remedies To Overcome Mouth UlcerA mouth ulcer also referred to as oral ulcer or apthous ulcer or mucosal ulcer, is nothing but a sore inside the mouth. It can be on the inside wall of the cheek, on upper or lowers side of the tongue or on the roof of the buccal cavity. Mouth ulcers can arise due to infection caused on injured tissue. Mostly people suffer from the simple sores which last for usually a week. It causes discomfort and hence people look for immediate remedies for mouth ulcer.

Although mouth ulcers are non-contagious and harmless, they cause a lot of discomfort while eating. A lot can be done to reduce the discomfort. Here are few immediate remedies for mouth ulcer that you might find useful. The process of landing to immediate remedies for mouth ulcer can be frustrating, since the causes differ and every sore is different. If the condition is persistent; it is advisable to see a doctor.

Avoid citrus/acidic food– If citrus or acidic food is consumed during this time, it would cause a lot of irritation to the skin surface. So, the first step should be to avoid fruits and vegetables such as oranges or lemon.

Treat the underlying problem– A person suffering from iron deficiency or Vitamin B-12 deficiency is more likely to suffer from complex ulcers. To find immediate remedies for mouth ulcer, cure the root cause. Vitamin B-12 (thiamine) supplements, Vitamin B9 (folic acid) supplements, Zinc and iron rich food and food products would help to cure mouth ulcer.

For instant pain relief: Apply a paste of baking soda and water on the ulcer. This might hurt, but the more it hurts, the more effective it is. This is considered the best when looking for immediate remedies for mouth ulcer.

Coconut water: Mouth ulcers are sometimes caused due to excessive body heat. Coconut water is known for its cooling properties. It cools down the complete digestive system and provides relief to the burning sensation cause by the ulcer.

Salt and water: A salt water rinse is a quick remedy to mouth ulcer pain. Gargle two or three times a day helps in reducing the pain and discomfort. It also reduces infections, if any, around the ulcer.

Glycerin: A swab of glycerin on the affected area saves a lot of irritation as it stops the mouth fluid from coming in contact with the ulcer. This fastens the healing process.

Cut down on coffee: Again in cases where ulcers arise due to body heat, it is advisable to stay away from coffee. Coffee has a diuretic effect; it reduces the water content of the body.

Tablets: For immediate pain relief and improved healing process suck on zinc tablets. Vitamin C tablets also have the same effect. Also, sucking on or chewing an antacid tablet every two hours aids in the recovery process.

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