Quitting Smoking Extend Age for 10 Years


quit smokingFor women smokers, it seems you do not have to think twice about wanting to quit smoking. Leaving cigarettes is the right decision to extend your life for up to 10 years.

A British research states that the habit of smoking in women can shorten 10 years of their age. The research was done in a very long time, which is for 12 years. Researchers had always looked at how smoking push factors of death. Those who smoke, have death rate three times higher than those who do not smoke.

Even those who are light smokers, who smokes one to nine cigarettes per day has also had a significant number compared with those who did not smoke. This risk increases, along with the number of cigarettes consumed per day.

The study also revealed that if women who decide to quit smoking before the age of 40 years old, the level of health will improve, as well as a decreased risk of death by 90 percent. Meanwhile, those who quit smoking before 30 years, will have 97 percent more chance to avoid the risk of a quick death.

“If the habit of smoking in a woman is like a man, they would have the same risk of death. However, women who quit smoking before reaching middle age, will benefit from an extra 10 years of life,” said Richard Peto, one of the researchers from University of Oxford, UK.

Meanwhile, Rachel Huxley, from the University of Minnesota, said that the researchers had to wait until the 21st century to observe the full consequences of the risk of death by smoking habits of women that have started since the middle of the 20th century. When smoking tobacco began to touch the developed nations.