Rare Allergy, skin itches and feel pain when touching water


Rachel Prince water allergyWater is needed by humans to live. Most of the human body even consists of water. But there are also people who have allergies of water. like Rachel Prince. Surely this allergy make it hard for her to live a normal life.

26-year-old Rachel is known to have a disease named Aquagenic Prutitis. This disease made ??her allergic to water. Every time she is exposed to water, her skin will begin to turn red and itchy, and it is also painful. Because of this disease, the woman from Derbyshire also can not get out in the rainy season.

Even just a drop of saliva can also cause her skin to inflame and turn red. This causes Rachel unable to kiss her fiancé, Lee Warwick, because saliva will make her mouth itch. This woman also suffer when she has to drink water or take a bathe. Rachel could not take bathe for too long because her body will turn red and itch. Meanwhile, when she drinks cold water, Rachel’s throat will swell.

“I never go out without checking the weather, because one drop of rain will cause painful allergic reactions which will last up to several hours.  I always come out wearing a coat with a big hat and an umbrella, just in case if it rains,” said Rachel, as reported by by the Daily Mail.

The rare condition suffered by Rachel is believed to also be experienced by 35 other people around the world. Rachel’s allergy was first experienced at the age of 12 years. As she grew up, the allergy became more severe and it became almost impossible for her to touch water without feeling pain.

“The water makes my skin feel burnt and it is very painful. I can not drink cold water because it will hurt my throat. I even feel the allergy when exposed to sweat and tears, including my own blood if it touches my skin. But I can still drink warm water or juice that is not cold. I do not know why, but I can drink it safely,” she explained.

Since childhood, Rachel loves to swim. However, because of the allergy she could no longer perform her hobby. Even so, she admitted that there is one positive thing she gets from this. She does not have to the dishes or wash clothes. Her fiance is the one who had to do them all for her.

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