Read this! Concussion Symptoms After Injury



A concussion can lead to quite serious head injury. However, sometimes the severity of concussions can not be immediately known.

If you are concerned about someone or maybe you own a concussion, it is necessary to know the concussion symptoms below, then immediately go to the doctor.

Here are some signs of a concussion you need to know, as reported by Prevention health tips:

1. You feel “off”

You feel dazed and may feel pain when hitting your head.

2. Others see something not right

Remember, the hallmark of concussion are neurologic symptoms. And that may appear in the way you move or interact with someone.

For example your coordination can really get messed up. These things that family and friends can clearly show it to you.

3. Confusion

You give blank stares and experience confusion.

4. Different personality 

Let’s say you normally do long conversation with your partner.

And now, it appears that your brain is moving at half speed. It takes a longer time to process information.

Then there is a delay when you try to answer questions and you have difficulty recognizing people.

5. Vomiting

It is normal to feel nauseous after a head injury