Reason Why Someone is More Susceptible to Influenza


influenza genesIn a cold or rainy season, influenza viruses spread very quickly. However, despite the people around them haveĀ  flu, some people remain healthy. Scientists believe this phenomenon is because of the genes they have.

The influenza virus is transmitted through the air with coughing and sneezing. One-time cough will deploy around 100 thousand viruses into the air. And, when sneezing it doubled the number of influenza virus which will be two million. Besides that, influenza virus is highly contagious and affects 5 to 15 percent of the population every year.

The reaction of the virus is highly variable. Some people will immediately have a fever and get sick. However, 30-50 percent of people are more resistant to virus attacks. That is, their bodies clear the virus from the system more efficiently.

According to Genius Beauty, U.S. scientists analyzed the gene expression in people infected with influenza virus. A total of 17 volunteers infected with the H3N2 virus, which causes influenza. During five days of volunteer, blood samples are taken every eight hours.

The result showed that from 17 people infected, as many as nine volunteers get sick, while others do not show symptoms of the flu virus despite receiving the same concentration. Apparently, the body’s reaction is directly dependent on the expression of several genes.

In those who are sick, the body activate genes that produce compounds that cause inflammation and stress response. In contrast to healthy volunteers, their bodies activate genes responsible for anti-inflammatory response.