Reasons Behind Hiccups


hiccups hold breathEveryone had experienced hiccups in their lives, especially in children and infants. For most people, hiccups are a reflex that is very annoying, so they try to eliminate it by using various drugs and therapies. Canadian researchers found a concrete reason why people experience hiccup reflex.

Dr. Daniel Howes Kingston from Ontario Canada, said that hiccups are associated with early life when someone needs enough milk. “Hiccups are triggered by the presence of air in the stomach,” wrote Howes, Doctor in Kingston and a professor at Queen’s University in a report.

He continued, “Hiccups stimulate a sharp intake of a typical reflex that causes air swallowing and belching issue of a baby who starts breastfeeding. This allows the baby to consume milk and food volume that are bigger,” he told Canada.

According to him, hiccups in adults are rare. Hiccups in adults showed reflex left over from the body of a baby or a reminder that someone might be eating too fast.

Hiccups in humans are common, but in his study published in the ‘BioEssays journal’, Howes said there is no satisfactory explanation why hiccup reflex occurs. Hypothesis only explains why hiccups are more common in children than adults.

In infants, Howes noted most infants spend 2.5 percent of their time with hiccups. He also emphasized, hiccup episodes that lasted 48 hours could be an indicator of a more serious conditions. “But more often hiccups are only considered a minor annoyance and does not have a purpose,” he said.

Reflex in most mammals require different mechanisms of healing. People have many different ways to overcome hiccups, from a quick sip of water to holding breath that often becomes the treatment.