Reasons to Stop Drinking Soda


soda drink disadvantagesMany people likes soft drinks because it tastes good and is quite refreshing. They also makes people addicted. But there is good reason why we should stop drinking soda.

Drinking soda every now and then does not matter, but what happens is that it makes people addicted to drink it until people get its bad effects. People who are already addicted, drinks soda almost every day and even several times a day.

According to the International Journal of Clinical Practice there are some effects that are harmful to the body if it is addicted to soda. Here are some reasons to stop drinking soda, according to buzzle:

1. Soda has no nutritional value other than calories and sugar content which are high.
So it is not surprising if most soda enthusiasts will experience weight gain and tend to be obese. Most soft drinks contain 250 calories per 600 ml. No content of nutrients or minerals in it, but just sugar and caffeine.

2. Soda is diuretic which increases urine production
This diuretic properties make the water in the body comes out more through urine, if not balanced with drinking water can cause loss of body fluids or dehydration.

3. The content of phosphoric acid in soda that causes the sensation of freshness or air bubbles turns out to reduce bone density.

If soft drinks are consumed continuously, then thebones may become more fragile and shaped like a perforated pores. Reduced bone density will trigger the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis.

4. Acid content of soda can damage teeth
Soda drinks can damage teeth because they contain high sugar content. Soda acid components have damaging effects on tooth enamel and make teeth more susceptible to damage.

5. Drinking soda for a long time can cause erosion of the lining of the stomach that cause stomach frequent heartburn, gaseous and other digestive problems.

6. The content of sodium in soda is not good for heart health. Evidence from this research shows that drinking too much soda can cause damage to the kidneys and liver as well.

7. Soda drinks consumed continuously can also cause other health risks such as diabetes type 2 due to high sugar content, giving the effect of caffeine they contain, such as insomnia, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat.

How to Stop Drinking Soda

Stopping the habit of drinking soda is not easy because  the high caffeine cause addiction. But there are several ways you can do to stop the habit.

1. Gradually reducing it
Begin to gradually reduce, if you usually drink soda every day begin by drinking only 5  days this week and then reduce it to 4 days the following week. Do it for 6 weeks until  you never need to drink soda in a week.

2. Mix with water
When deciding to stop drinking soda, you usually will crave to drink soda. Try to mix a lot of ice  in the soda until the composition of the soda is smaller because the ice will be melted. That way the consumption of water is more than soda.

3. Replace with other healthy drinks
Every time there is a desire to drink soda, you should drink fresh cold water or other healthy beverages such as soy milk, low-fat milk, fruit juice and other.

4. Drink green tea
When you begin to stop drinking soda then effects of caffeine withdrawal symptoms such as headaches will quite often happen. Drinking a cup of green tea in the morning can reduce symptoms of dizziness.