Recognize 8 early symptoms of diabetes in children!


diabetes Health tips – Diabetes is a condition in which the body fails to produce insulin or insulin absorbed. Both of these will increase in the blood sugar levels that can endanger the health of your body.

Currently the number of people with diabetes increases drastically. Even children can be afflicted by this disease. Most of the children with type 1 diabetes can turn into type 2 diabetes symptoms, if not detected early.

Here are the early symptoms of diabetes in children as reported from boldsky.

Easy to get thirsty
One of the common symptoms of diabetes in children is increased thirst This is due to an increase in blood sugar levels. They would also prefer to consume cold sugary drinks.

Frequent urination
Because they often drink, then these children will also urinate frequently.

Always hungry
In addition to frequent thirst, the children will also feel hungry easier. Because the absence of insulin to transfer sugar in the body so that the process will spend their energy and make them quickly feel hungry.

Unhealthy weight loss
Although they often eat, children who suffer from diabetes will tend to lose weight drastically.

Always tired
A diabetic patient will often feel tired because their energy are used to transfer sugar to body cells .

Vision problems
Because blood sugar levels are quite high, the fluid in the body will increase. Including fluid in the eyes. This then can lead to vision problems.

Yeast infection
Symptoms of diabetes can also cause yeast infections of vital organs of children particularly girls. This is precisely what will cause diaper rash.

Behavior problems
Symptoms of diabetes can influence children’s behavior. These children are easy annoyed. This occurs because the increase in blood sugar levels are high.

Do you find these symptoms in your child? If you find it, you should immediately consult a doctor.

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