Reflexology is effective to relieve cancer symptoms


A study from Michigan State University states that reflexology, a traditional massage on the feet, can help patients relieve cancer symptoms they suffer from.

As reported by Science Daily, reflexology stimulates specific points on the feet which ultimately improve organ function to become better.

“Reflexology is considered as one of the methods to make patient feel more comfortable. But with the study, it may make reflexology become the major therapy to relieve symptoms of cancer of patients,” said Gwen Wyatt, chief author of the study.

The study involved 385 women with breast cancer who were undergoing chemotherapy or hormone therapy. Through reflexology, it was proved that some patients who suffer from shortness of breath (a common symptom of breast cancer) can be gradually improved.

In addition, daily activities like climbing the attic, putting on clothes, and shopping are also able to be doen well by women with breast cancer.

“We were actually quite surprised that reflexology affects the patient’s physical condition. Yet for mental health, we have not yet found the impact,” said Wyatt.

Unfortunately, reflexology also does not reduce pain or nausea of cancer patients. But Wyatt said that maybe the drugs they consume are quite effective to relieve both symptoms.

Reflexology itself is actually a traditional massage from China and emerging also in Egypt as told in hieroglyph letters. This therapy is thought to have been practiced since hundreds of years ago to maintain the health and fitness of the human body.