Refresh your body with these 6 types of healthy drinks


Refresh your body with these 6 types of healthy drinks

Nothing is more good then when you feel thirsty and you drink a cold refreshing drink. Fresh taste arising directly relieve you. Therefore, you shall always choose sip a cool and drink on a hot day. Options that are usually not far from serving ice.

Because ice and beverages that contain high sugar usually can pose a danger to health, why do not you try a refreshing drink but healthy as in the example below? They are reported by the

1 Strawberries and basil
Strawberry fruit is high in vitamin C is known to boost the immune system and keep your blood sugar remains stable. Also cut strawberries, add the basil leaves are good for digestion and add freshness.

2 leaves of mint and basil
Mixture of both kinds of leaves can also provide a refreshing addition to the injection of energy and cleansing the digestive system. But do not destroy these leaves because you can get rid of nutritional. Better-tips thin slices and mix in the water.

3 Cucumber and lime
Cucumber beneficial to reduce inflammation and cool your body. While lemon juice is a good source of vitamin C. Slices of cucumber and lemon juice and then put in cold water. Fresh drinks also able to bring the benefits of beautiful skin.

4 Watermelon and mint leaves
When hot air, no one can refuse fresh watermelon slices. Not only that, in the back of fresh watermelon are also stored vitamins and electrolytes that your body is able sehatkan. In addition to watermelon, add about making fresh mint leaves doubled.

5 Orange, ginger, and lime
Two types of citrus fruit is rich in vitamin C to boost the immune system. While ginger is known to cleanse the digestive benefits. That is why the mixture is well capable of refreshing drinks are also good for the health of the body.

6 pineapple and mint leaves
Pineapple fruit known as beneficial to increase energy in the body. Pineapple also can strengthen the heart, healthy digestive system, and reduce inflammation. Therefore drink made ??from the fruit is very good for health.

To make this drink, do not forget to add the mint leaves that give distinctive freshness.

That’s some kind of refreshing drinks and healthy body. The drinks can be an option for you that is carrying a healthy diet. Have fun!