Regular exercise can improve your heart


Regular exercise and a bit of heavy exercise could activate cells in the heart, which is able to heal the damage caused by a heart attack, according to new research.

Research at Liverpool John Moores University are the first to study and showed that a simple exercise program has a similar effect to that of the stem cells when they are stimulated to produce new tissue in research.

The exercise that can be done include 30 minutes of running and cycling every day, according to the European Heart Journal, as reported by Health Me Up.

The result is obtained through a study of mice which showed that active mice are capable of producing 60 percent more stem cells.

“Exercise increases the growth that enable cells to repair the heart,” said Georgina Ellison.

“We hope it will be more effective on damaged heart,” she added,

Although some patients may not be able to do intensive exercise, but Ellison said that morning walk for 30 minutes a day can be done without endangering their health.

Currently, researchers will conduct further studies to determine whether the research can be applied to the treatment of the human heart.