Regular exercise can lower the risk of cancer in women


Regular exercise can lower the risk of cancer in womenMild to moderate exercise such as brisk walking, tennis, and other exercises can not only make your body fitter, but also can help women ward off stroke. A recent study also revealed that moderate exercise can prevent strokes caused by hormone therapy in menopausal women.

These results were found by researchers after observing the number of stroke patients in 133,500 women in a California Texas Study in 1996-2010. Women who claim to perform moderate physical activities for three years before becoming a participant in this study are known to have a stroke risk 20 percent lower than women who have an inactive lifestyle.

“I was very surprised that it turned out that moderate exercise affects the risk of stroke,” said lead researcher Sophia Wang, professor of Beckman Research Institute, California, as reported by Health News Daily.

Interestingly, only moderate exercise that can help women reduce the risk of stroke. Vigorous exercise like running can not help women lower the risk of strokes. The study also found that women who had experienced menopause and use hormone therapy are more at risk of stroke by 30 percent. However, mild and moderate exercise can reduce this risk.

The results of this study indicate that women need to have an active lifestyle and should exercise regularly. There is no need to perform strenuous exercise, but light to moderate exercise performed on a regular basis is enough, such as jogging, tennis, brisk walking, and others.

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