Release stress for a moment by hugging

Release stress for a moment by hugging

How often do you hug on the day with loved ones? If you rarely do it, you should start good habits from now on. Because cuddle regularly every day can help you to release stress handcuff your body.

Reporting from, the researchers revealed that hug was good for the health of your body because it is able to prevent infection and relieve stress.

“Embraced by loved ones or those that you believe is able to provide a protective effect to be an effective way to reduce the adverse effects of stress. The feeling supported and intimacy will increase your confidence level and make the stress slowly disappearing,” said Sheldon Cohen, professor of psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, USA. “The release of the hormone oxytocin which occurred during the hug can make you become more relaxed and support the immune system.”

“Hugging is the easiest way to express what you feel in your body. We found that the stress they will be vulnerable to contracting various diseases. For they make their bodies as a magnet for bacteria, viruses, and germs,” he continued.

So, have you hugged today?

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