Relieve stress by drinking water


Relieve stress by drinking waterYou often feel stressed? Try to drink a glass of water. Sounds weird and too easy? In fact many studies have shown that drinking mineral water can relieve stress.

All the organs of our body, including the brain desperately need water to work properly. lack of water will keep you dehydrated and do not work well. In the end, your body will be in trouble and stress.

“Research shows that a lack of water can increase production of the cortisol hormone. Cortisol is a hormone that triggers the emergence of stress on a person. When you do not meet the needs of the body fluids, you make the body feel stressed and respond,” says Amanda Carlson, director of nutrition at Athletes Performance, as reported by WebMD (20/03).

Stress and dehydration are two things  that are linked. When you feel stressed, you will easily become dehydrated. Instead dehydration will make you feel stressed.

Body’s response to stress is almost the same as the reaction of the body when under stress. Some reactions include increased blood pressure, fatigue, headache, nausea. For it is better to avoid stress and dehydration by drinking water every day.