Researchers found a way to close wounds without stitches

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close wounds without stitchesResearchers from the American Chemical Society finally managed to do a test to close a wound without stitches. They precisely using gold-based laserĀ solder.

Solder containing gold particles is able to form a kind of cover for the wound so that painful stitching method does not need to be done.

Researchers believe that this method can replace stitching method. They successfully closed the wound in pig intestine area with gold-based laser soldering.

The technique is called Laser Tissue Welding (LTW). It is also more dense in closing wounds and leave scars that are not too obvious.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Kaushal Rege and his team of researchers used a network called plasmonic nanocomposite solder – material containing goldĀ nanorod . It is elastic so it can close the wound tightly and effectively.

Researchers then plan to investigate the matter in depth to determine whether similar methods can be used in the case of certain other injuries.

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