Researchers found gene mutation causing obesity


gene mutation causes obesityTwo recent studies offered a way out for those who can not lose weight despite having done a diet. They found a gene variant associated with obesity.

One of the studies showed a genetic mutation in children who are obese. This suggests that obesity is likely to occur in children associated with DNA, because they do not gain weight very quickly at a very young age.

While other studies indicate that certain genes increases a person’s risk of obesity. Interestingly, these genes are then passed on to the family, this is as reported by U.S. News (17/06).

Even so the link between genetic mutation with weight is still unclear to researchers. Researchers assume that the gene mutation may be associated with body interactions to food, exercise, as well as the person’s environment.

“In fact, some of these genes also affect appetite and our fondness for food, said Sadaf Farooqi, researchers from the University of Cambridge, England.

Previous research suggests that certain genes are associated with a person’s risk for obesity. The more these genes exists in a person’s DNA, the more at risk they are to obesity.

So, what if a person has a high risk of obesity? There’s no other way they can do besides watching their diet, exercising more regularly, as well as more vigilant in maintaining weight loss.