Researchers found the cause of gastric cancer spread


Researchers from the University of Liverpool have found that specific proteins that prevent the growth and spread of cancer are impaired in patients with gastric cancer.

As reported by Science Daily, gastric cancer is one of the causes of death because it is considered a worldwide malignant disease. The knowledge of how cancer spread, makes the researchers hope there will be development of therapies that activates a protein called TGFßig-h3.

These proteins are actually produced by cells called myofibroblast which is part of the supporting tissues around the cancer cells.

Myofibroblast themselves are cells that produce a variety of substances that alter the behavior of cancer by affecting the surrounding environment. So the growth and spread of cancer can be prevented.

But the researchers found that the production numbers of cancer cell growth inhibitor protein produced by myofibroblast decline in patients with gastric cancer.

“These proteins normally inhibit the growth of cancer cells. So that treatment can be more accurate in targeting tumors in a patient’s body. However at an advanced stage, cancer affects the production of the protein, so that the tumor can grow and spread more quickly,” said Professor Andrea Varro from the University’s Institute of Translational Medicine.

Professor Varro also hope that there are medical techniques that can restore the work of proteins before gastric cancer patients experience more serious complications of disease.