Right menu to support diet


Are you dieting to get the ideal posture? If you are,then you better do not desperately reduce food portions, changing diet, or even negate any meal. You still can have dinner too!

For female, weight is not just perfect appearance, but also affect their confidence. Diet or control diet is the best alternative to reduce weight. Along the times, many ways can be taken to solve this one problem. However, make sure you choose a healthy way, which is a balanced nutritional diet combined with increased physical activity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), weight loss is considered healthy is 1-1.5 kg per week, with a reduction in food intake of 500 calories per day. As an illustration, women’s nutritional intake approximately 1500 calories per day. Decrease in body weight with a fixed look balanced nutrition will produce a more stable reduction effect.

Therefore, you do not need to skip a meal, including at night. It’s just that there should be a portion of the settings and menus are eaten. Now, when a confused set menu appropriate to support the decrease in body weight, following a review of The Sun could be your reference.

1. Set a daily diet, either at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Write down the foods that you eat before the main meal, or snack. Wherever possible, keep your meal schedule at the time settled. Know what foods carefully you will enjoy a schedule beyond 3 main meals will help you to snack.

2. Plan every meal that you want to eat. This seems a bit time consuming, but you only need a few minutes to get organized menu. This will help you feel safe at about the quantity of food served, and the temptation to sample the high-fat foods would decrease.

3. Replace the habit of drinking soda with water. You can save a few calories with water. Because, in an effort to reduce body weight, every calorie counts.

4. The following breakfast menu could be your reference:
• Porridge with skim or soy milk, plus a piece of fruit.
• Two pieces of bread wheat with a smear of beans, plus grapes.
• Two pieces of boiled eggs mixed with grilled tomato and one slice of toast.
• fruit salad with yogurt topping.

5. Expand your lunch with the intake of protein, like chicken, turkey, eggs, small portions of roast beef, fish, or red beans and baked beans. Eat with a little wheat bread, or with tortilla pieces. Add a baked potato and vegetables as a salad.

6. To keep temptation dinner menu, like fried potatoes, pie, or baked fish, you can change it with vegetables or salad. Make sure you keep watching the portion of food.

7. Make fruit as a snack in between main meals.