Routine Exercise Will Cut Your Health Costs


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There are many information which explains about the benefits of routine exercise. But, in fact there are still many people that finds it difficult and heavy to exercise as they do not have the motivation to do routine exercise. A study also showed that exercise can prevent heart failure.

Moreover, the price to become a member of a fitness center is not cheap for all people, which eventually makes a lot of people feel reluctant to exercise. However, did you know that by doing routine exercise you can actually save more money for the long-term needs.

Researchers have analyzed data which was surveyed on 26 thousand Americans, where they were recommended to do routine exercise by the American Heart Association. They were suggested to at least do medium aerobic exercise for an hour and a half, five times a week or 25 minutes of strenuous exercise three times a week.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, found that heart disease patients who received a recommendation to do routine exercise, has been saving as much as $ 2,500 per year on payment of medical drugs. It’s probably because they’ve rarely had complaints and come to the hospital. In fact, for those who do not have heart disease, they can still save around US $ 500.

Study author Khurram Nasir, M.D, said that exercise activities have major contribution in other things. If 20 percent of people with heart disease do routine exercise according to the recommendations, then on average they will be able to save US $ 6 million per year for medical treatment, as quoted by Glamour.

According to him, it will make everyone’s financial state maintain well, as they can save their money usually used for medication.

“The advantage financially of routine exercise, will be felt by everyone, or anyone who suffer from heart disease, risk, or even those who are healthy,” he said.