Sad Story of a Girl with Wrinkled Skin


Yuxin Xiaoli Cutis LaxaNo parents wants their baby to be born with abnormal conditions. Including the parents of Yuxin Xiaoli who are constantly striving to find a cure for the rare condition which attacks the skin of their little daughter.

Born 18 months ago, Yuxin Xiaoli has a skin condition resembling the elderly. Wrinkles are across the surface of the skin that loosens. The medical world calls the  rare condition as Cutis Laxa.

“From birth we did not pay much attention to her condition. We think all children are born like that,” said the grandmother, Cao Niu as reported by the Daily Mail.

Cutis Laxa is a connective tissue disorder that attacks the skin. It makes Yuxin not only lose skin layer elasticity. But, also impaired muscle strength, joint, and other vital organs such as heart, blood vessels, joints, intestines, and lungs.

At a young age, Yuxin had experienced heart disease, pneumonia, and asthma. “She looks like an old woman. Last time I took her to the hospital, everyone looked at her like an alien. Children even cried hysterically,” said Cao Niu.

At  first Yuxin’s family only took care of her at home. They do not want the little girl to become the mockery of the social environment. However, her condition worsens, they finally looked for cure in the Zhengzhou hospital, China.

Despite Yuxin’s heartbreaking conditions, her family continued to raise hope to see Yuxin being active and intelligent. Yuxin is a child that is quite responsiveness. She is very good at imitating facial expressions of others around her.