Salt Therapy to Cure Asthma


For the circulatory system of blood vessels, salt has a negative side because it can lead to hypertension if taken to excess. But for the respiratory system, salt can cure asthma through haloterapi or salt therapy.

Haloterapi is an alternative treatment methods of Eastern Europe which is done by using halite or rock mineral, especially NaCl salt. These minerals are not eaten or drunk but inhaled with with pumped air.

Patients sit in a room covered with salt crystals, and breathe air mixed with salt that is pumped by a tool called halogenerator. In general, it is similar to spas , but what is exhaled is not aromatherapy steam but mineral salts.

In the region of its origin, haloterapi are available naturally in caves and salt lakes like the Dead Sea on the border of Jordan, Israel and the West Bank. Once developed with modern touches, this therapy is getting more famous and is now quite popular in Europe, America and Canada.

It is claimed that this therapy is able to treat respiratory problems ranging from asthma, allergies to pneumonia. Not many studies had proven this, but some literature says salt steam does have the effect of the airway.

One of the few studies about it appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2006. The study concluded that high-pressure salt steam (hypertonic saline) can improve lung function when inhaled by humans.

“Haloterapi guarantees the quality of inhaled air with high levels of salt and specific humidity, which can cleanse the skin and airways as well as the entire surface of the body,” said Ron Rofe, Hello Water / Salt Rooms haloterapi clinic manager in New York, according to Reuters.

Rofe added that haloterapi can be done as a detoxing for the smokers. Detoxification with this therapy can overcome the symptoms common in smokers, such as cough and excessive phlegm production.