Saturated fats make the brain vulnerable to Alzheimer’s


Saturated fats make the brain vulnerable to Alzheimer'sEating too much saturated fat not only is able to make you fat fast, but is also harmful to your brain. A study shows that eating too much saturated fat can reduce the key chemicals in charge of protecting the brain from Alzheimer’s.

In a study published in the JAMA journal Neurology suggests that saturated fat can reduce the amount of apolipoprotein (ApoE) chemicals in charge of clearing amyloid beta protein in the brain. The more saturated fat consumed, the more amyloid also accumulates in the brain.

If this is left unchecked, it could form the amyloid plaques in the brain and interfere with nerve function. Such plaques are found in people with Alzheimer’s and related to the suspected cause of the brain disease.

“Amyloid that is not cleared from the brain could be toxic,” said researcher Suzanne Craft, of the Wake Forest School of Medicine, as reported by U.S. News (17/06).

These results were found after researchers observed 20 seniors with healthy brain states and 27 seniors with cognitive problems and the signs of Alzheimer’s. They were asked to go on a diet that contains a lot of saturated fat and no saturated fat.

Through this study, researchers recommend that more people start avoiding foods that contain a lot of saturated fat and eat more foods that can make their brain healthy.