Scientists Discover Genes that regulate Body Rhythms


Are you a type of person who is difficult to get up early or do you usually get up early? Your hair can answer that. That’s because researchers from the University of Yamaguchi, Japan have discovered genes that regulate body rhythms (body clock) which is in the hair follicle.

Makoto Akashi and his colleagues conducted a research on hair samples of four people, who have a schedule and habits which are always the same every day. In other words, always waking up early or late and have the same eating schedule compared to other lifestyle choices.

When researchers examined the gene in their hair follicles, the body rhythms gene activity increased after the person wakes up. That is, at six o’clock in the morning or ten in the morning. This indicates, the brain will wake genes at different times on each person in the morning.

This study helps to understand a person’s body rhythm abnormalities. This body rhythm disorder can affect health and increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

These hair follicle test can then be used to develop the working conditions that do not interfere with the function of the body’s rhythms. “I hope this test will be used as a regular medical examination at school and company to make the rhythm of the body remains healthy,” Akashi said according to Times of India.