Scientists Discovered Technology for Reading Mind


Reading MindPeople who have supernatural abilities are commonly found in science fiction movies. But now it may be that supernatural abilities like mind reading is no longer just a mere imagination, how could this be?

A British scientist Jack Gallant, has succeeded in developing ways to ‘read’ minds. Although not as portrayed in science fiction moves that can know for certain and clear one’s mind, Gallant at least is able to know what is the picture in one’s mind.

Gallant from the University of California, United States, created a new tool from the Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging  tool (fMRI) that can read brain signals and then translate it into an image.

In experimental trials, Gallant and his colleagues put someone in the fMRI equipment and showed the film to the person.

The tool then reads brain signals of participant and then uses an algorithm to make an illustration of what the participants were thinking using images from Youtube database.

The creation of the tool that can read the mind is a breakthrough and raise fears among the people themselves. There is concern that the tool will be used by the government to determine a person’s innermost thoughts. Concerns that is also approved by Gallant as the creator of the tool.

“I totally agree if you feel afraid, but you do not need to be afraid at least for the next 50 years,” Gallant said as quoted by BBC.

According to Gallant, a tool that he created is still not very effective and efficient for everyday use. Funds and a place to hold a large fMRI is needed. Moreover, one must be silent when the scanning process takes place due to the resolution of brain signals that can be captured by the tool is very low.

“Until someone finds a way to scan brain activity better than the way that we have today, there will not be many mind readers,” added Gallant.