Scientists Find Superbug Resistant to Antibiotics


Scientists found a new superbug which has already spread to several parts of the world. The bacteria are highly resistant to antibiotics, and until now drugs can fight it.

This superbug is thought to appear as a result of excessive and uncontrolled antibiotic use in the medical world today. People’s lives who are exposed to this superbug are threatened, Because there are no drug that can fight it.

This new superbug was first discovered in India and Pakistan. Scientists identified it by the name of New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase or NDM-1. This NDM-1 superbug makes bacteria resistant to nearly all antibiotics, including the most powerful class of antibiotics such as carbapenems.

“This is a specific mechanism. A gene that makes bacteria become super and very resistant to antibiotics,” said Dr. Alexander Kallen from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, according to Reuters.

At first, these super bacteria was found nesting in hospitals in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Medical tourism activities is suspected to be the cause.

India is famous for its cheap and promising medical tourism, which makes many patients from all over the world come especially for plastic and cosmetic surgery.

With many people looking for affordable medical care in India, especially for cosmetic surgery, it is feared that the drug resistant super bacteria could soon spread across the world.

Experts’ concerns about the spread of this superbug is very reasonable, because some countries in South Asia, UK, Australia, Canada, United States, the Netherlands and Sweden have detected the existence of these super-bacteria.

A study conducted to investigate this case found that these superbug are widely spread in India. Indian health care system might not be able to identify the presence of these superbugs, which makes it spread rapidly.

NDM-1 super bacteria is an enzyme that is also found in common bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella and K. pneumonia. The first superbug victim identified is a Belgium citizen who came home from a medical treatment in India. However, the data of the victim are not clearly exposed.

People who have low immunity such as patients with serious kidney disease and cancer, elders, people with HIV, respiratory disorders should be very careful of  the spreading of this superbug.

Accordingt Guardian, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA says that hospitals are the easiest place for the growth of a superbug. The CDC estimates that hundreds of thousands of people die every year because of superbugs in hospitals.

To avoid the emergence of a new superbug, the CDC reminds the importance of limiting the excessive use of antibiotics. Use of excessive antibiotics is thought to make good bacteria in the body die.

While the Indian government, are at rage about the discovery of a new superbug from Indian hospitals, according to the Telegraph.

On Saturday, August 14, 2010, the Indian government issued a statement accusing the researchers drawn a false conclusion about the superbug coming from India, and made it as if patients are not safe to undergo surgery in India.

India’s health minister said a similar sample in fact has also been found in Israel, the United States and Greece.