Scientists Finds New Powerful Antibiotics from Frog Skin


frog skin antibioticsA research team from United Arab Emirates University have found a new type of antibiotic which is developed from the skin of frogs. They modified anti bacteria compounds in frog skin and reduced the toxic content in it.

They successfully identified 100 new types of antibiotics. One of them can fight deadly bacteria, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

“The skin of frogs is a potential antibiotic agent,” said Dr. Michael Conlon, a biochemical expert involved in the research, according to Telegraph.

Conlon said that frogs has self-protection which is good enough to fight disease-causing microbes in the environment. Frogs are also immune to water pollution and the environment and fight pathogens in their environment.

For years, experts studied the content of chemical compounds in the skin of frogs which are powerful to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It is successful, but there is a problem because the compounds in frogs contains  poison that are harmful to human.

The research was continued to develop until finally the experts found ways to pull molecular structure of the skin of frogs.  It is a powerful way to reduce the toxicity without losing its power to kill germs and bad bacteria.

In their study, experts observed more than 6000 species of frogs. The result is that they found about 200 species of frogs which has a potential to produce materials for the future of powerful antibiotics. One of them is the yellow-legged Foothill frog. Unfortunately, this frog which is from California and Oregon, are now quite rare and are facing extinction.