Scraping Stomach Fat Smoothen Blood Flow


weight lossEfforts to shed belly fat is not simply an aesthetic issue, but is connected with long-term health. A study revealed that the decay of the fat in the abdomen will help improve blood vessel function.

Through a six-month study, researchers at Johns Hopkins discovered that the more belly fat that are eroded, the better the elasticity of blood vessels. This allows blood to flow more smoothly.

They also found that participants who do low-carb diet experience weight loss significantly more than participants who underwent a low-fat diet.

“Being overweight increases the risk of heart disease, especially when fat accumulates in the abdomen and waist area,” said Kerry J Stewart, professor of health at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, who led the study, according to the Times of India.

Stewart and his team involved 60 men and women who have a weight about 113 pounds at the start of the study. Half of them didlow-carb diet, and the rest did a low fat diet. They all did regular exercise and received the same number of calorie intake.

In order to evaluate the participants’ blood vessel health, researchers tested the blood circulation in the arm with a blood pressure cuff for five minutes. Tests were performed before and after the slimming program started.

When the cuff is released, a healthy artery will widen, allowing blood to flow more. Researchers then measured how much blood reaches the end of the finger before, during, and after weight loss.

The result that those who lose a lot of fat in the abdomen experience increase in blood flow to the fingers, which is a signal of improving of the artery function. According to Stewart, this test may be an indication of the overall health of the system of blood vessels throughout the body.

Research focuses on the prevention of cardiovascular disease, Stewart and his team presented the findings at the American Heart Association scientific meeting in San Diego, on March 13.