Seafood is Good for Your Brain


Salmon good for brainFor those of you who do not have allergy problems, consuming seafood is healthy, because of its high protein content. Not only does it keep the body healthy, seafood consumption can also lead to the evolution of cerebrums. In other words, it can make you more intelligent.

Archaeologists discovered that alligators, turtles and fish from the sea has been consumed by early humans almost 2 million years ago. According to one study, this is the oldest evidence which could be a reference of seafood diet as a diet rich in nutrients. Especially for the brain

“Marine food is important to be consumed regularly, as they contain polyunsaturated fatty acids and docosahexaenoic acid which is efficacious for the growth of the human brain,” says author and paleoanthropologist, Dr. Richmond, according to the Times of India.

Dr Richmond added, “This food has long been a food diet of the ancestors who were studied to help enlarge the size of the brain.”

The discovery of such dietary pattern is indeed diverse, but the most important thing of this study, researchers know that early human brain size increased dramatically after two million years ago. The growth of a large brain requires investment in calories and high nutrition. Therefore, seafood are also beneficial for both mother and developing fetus.

However, you need to know, over time, content of nutrients in seafood is threatened by the increasing environmental pollution, especially at sea. Thus, it is better to consume seafood twice a week.

But, not all fish absorb high mercury. There are seafood which are fairly safe to consume, since it is less likely to absorb mercury. Among other are shrimps, tilapia, and salmon.