Seeing Pictures of Delicious Foods Causes Hunger


hungry appetitePictures of delicious foods can easily provoke desire to eat. A study proves that seeing pictures of delicious food can indeed bring a sense of hunger and stimulate the appetite.

The team of researchers from the Max Planck Institute says that an interesting visualization of fine dining will stimulate the ghrelin hormone. Ghrelin (growth hormone secretagogue, GHS) is a hormone stimulator of GH. GHS is most widely produced by glands oksintik inside the hull, but also by the epsilon cells in the pancreas, arsuat nucleus in the hypothalamus.

In addition to hormonal stimulation of GH secretion, GHS also activate the hypothalamic systems that control the secretion of GH, the GHRH neurons, contribute to increased appetite, regulate fat accumulation in adipose tissue. Previously it was also known that ghrelin is one of the cause of diet failure.

These findings suggest that the desire for food consumption is influenced not only by the physiological mechanism for energy needs, but also environmental factors. External stimuli such as odors or visualization of food also affects hunger and desire to eat.

Food product advertisement or culinary programs with detailed pictures of foods in magazines or television are even accused of contributing to the rate of weight gain in the community.

The research team involved a number of healthy men as respondents. In addition to investigating the molecular processes related to control of food intake, they also analyzed the physiological reaction of respondents when faced with delicious food images and pictures of non-food materials.

Results showed differences in hormone concentrations in the blood, such as ghrelin, leptin, and insulin, which plays a role in the control of food intake. Grehlin concentration rises rapidly in response to visual stimuli of food images.

“Our brains process visual stimuli, and unknowingly trigger physical processes that control our perception of appetite. This mechanism can encourage us to eat a piece of cheese cake while we are full,” said Schussler Petra, one of the researchers, according to the Times of India.

Schussler recommends those who are on a slimming program or who have weight problems to avoid seeing pictures that could provoke appetite.