Seven Bad Habits of a Workaholic


workaholic bad habitsMany people work too hard, office work sometimes even make people continue to feel busy, despite being at home. Without realizing it, you might work harder and longer to despair in order to achieve success.

But did you know that work too hard to achieve career ambitions in the world can be dangerous to health? So you need to get rid of the ‘workaholic’ habit from your life.

“Many people feel they have to work hard for financial success. However, jobs high pressure and long working hours can actually threaten your health in the long run,” said George Griffing, MD, professor of internal medicine at Saint Louis University, according to Times of India.

Those who are workaholics, often does bad things that make their health declined from day to day. Here are seven bad habits of a ‘workaholic’ which must be eliminated:

1. Forgetting to relax
This can cause stress. And if you take the time to relax for a moment, you can be more alert and motivated. Too much stress or chronic stress actually makes a person unproductive.

2. Eat on the way
Between meetings, conference calls, and deadlines, often makes one forget to take a healthy lunch. Eating should be done in a state of calmness without feeling of anxiety and haste. This is important for the nutritional content of food consumed to be easily absorbed by the body and makes a person more productive, especially for creating brilliant ideas for a good work.

3. Delaying sleep for work
A super busy professional also still needs to rest as much as seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Losing sleep can cause irritability, difficulty in concentrating, and memory problems. This could also be associated with obesity.

4. No time to exercise
Exercise at least 30 minutes every day is very important for current and long-term health.

5. Still working despite being sick
Many people come to the office to work despite being sick. There are three important reasons when you need to stay at home when you are. First, nobody wants you to be spreading germs and disease in the office. Second, you’ve definitely become less productive and third, you need a break to work better.

6. Too much alcohol consumption
Excessive drinking can lead to alcoholism, liver disease, and some forms of cancer.

7. Skipping annual medical check-up
You must do this to detect disease early, prevent others from developing the disease, and get the best treatment if you have a body condition vulnerable to diseases. You need to know what happens in your body.