Shitake mushroom can kill the virus that causes cervical cancer?


Shitake mushroom can kill the virus that causes cervical cancer

Human papilloma virus (or HPV) is a virus that affects many people. Not only is contagious and can cause infections of the skin, the virus can also lead to other more dangerous diseases, such as cervical cancer, mouth and throat cancer. More than three-quarters of women infected with this virus and some cervical cancer.

There have been many drugs and treatments are being made to address the HPV virus and cervical cancer prevention. However, recently researchers discovered another natural plant that is claimed to kill the virus. Plants that are shitake mushrooms from Japan.

Shitake is known to contain a unique chemical substance called AHCC. This substance can boost the immune system and prevent tumor growth. Recent research conducted by researchers in the US found that shiitake mushroom extract can prevent cancer caused by HPV.

In this study, 10 women with HPV virus shitake mushroom extract is given once a day for six months. Afterwards, eight women known survivor of the HPV virus. This is likely caused by the presence of AHCC in shitake which is a mixture of amino acids, polysaccharides, and minerals.

“AHCC is a nutritional supplement that does not cause side effects and boost the immune system. We plan to use it in treatment for six months to kill the HPV virus and prevent cancer,” said Professor Judith Smith of the University of Texas, as reported by the Daily Mail (31 / 10).

HPV can be spread through sexual contact and causes cervical cancer in women, and cancers of the anus, penis, and throat cancer. This study revealed that AHCC can kill HPV in 90 days. In addition, AHCC can also reduce the growth of tumor cells of the cervix.