Should you try Ginkgo Biloba?



TV commercials recently show us about the scare of mental impairment from Alzheimer’s Disease. The aging relative who cannot remember the granddaughter’s name or the elder spouse who puts her house keys in the ice box have caused alarm. This has been augmented by spam promoting the latest mental formula, which one presumably needs if he forgets something which is part of his daily routine.

But how much of a problem like this, if you have one, is related to body chemistry? That is, if you are a little forgetful now and then, is it due to a lack of oxygen in your brain cells, which can be corrected by combination of choline and ginkgo biloba, for instance? Or, is your forgetfulness due to preoccupation with something more pressing, or possibly an aversion to what you have to do. In other words, is it a question of body chemistry or psychology?

Few people know how to tell the difference. One way to determine the answer is to rigorously ask yourself in private why it is that you forgot what you normally always remember. This is the introspective approach, which has been around for centuries. Too few people seem to be into it nowadays for reasons which are unclear. Nevertheless, the most prevalent may be the attitude that one ought to not be concerned about what is called the small stuff. In this instance, forgetting where one puts the car keys now and then is not cause for even minor concern.

Yet one can aspire to be more attentive to what he does.If this is true for you, you will wonder why you forget certain things at some times but not so at others. This will inevitably lead into an internal dialog, which one might prefer to keep private. That is because we often forget things because we do not want to do them for others, especially when we are angry with them. Not all of us are good admitting things like this to ourselves.

So much for becoming aware of what one might even wish to keep from oneself. Sometimes we find that there are no good answers which can be attained from this approach. When that is true, we ought to at least try ginkgo biloba or some other brain formula from a reliable laboratory. It is true that nutrients effect the brain and that protein when sufficiently utilized does so as well. A little experimentation in this area may have some highly desirable effects.

Of course correcting a problem such as a memory lapse is not as exciting as doing tasks such as the income taxes more quickly and enjoyably. That too can come from a modest daily 120mg dose of ginkgo, for example. And as mentioned in a previous article, an elevated intelligence can make a workout far more enjoyable and thus far easier to complete. Other extensions of this concept are left up to the reader.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.