Should You Worry About Global Warming?


Everyday people worry, some worry about how to pay their bills and others may worry about losing their job, these are very common fears that have been around for centuries and will probably continue to plague mankind for many more, but over the past few decades the number of things people worry about has been rising at a dramatic rate and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Worrying can also affect your health in many ways by upsetting your sleep schedule or eating habits, worrying can also cause some people to abuse alcohol or start taking drugs.

Some things we worry about we can actually have an effect on such as paying our bills, for example if you worry about being able to pay your bills then you might try to get a second job or cut back on your spending so you would then be able to pay off the bills, but many things people worry about are beyond an individuals control, things like Terrorism, Nuclear Proliferation, and Global Warming.

Worrying about things like Global Warming accomplish nothing positive, in fact at this point we have not even proved that Global Warming is real, let alone that we as humans caused it or can affect it either way so why worry about it.

One very effective way to stop worrying about things beyond your control is to develop a fun list, a fun list is nothing more then things you really like to do, things that you can do to keep yourself busy whenever you start to worry about things like Global Warming.

Here is an example of a fun list:

1. Walk your dog.
2. Flirt with someone you have a secret crush on.
3. Play free arcade games.
4. Go fishing.
5. Read a book.
7. Ride a bicycle.
8. Surf the net.
9. Exercise.
10. Clean your house.

Whenever you catch yourself worrying about things beyond your control you should think of your list and pick one and start doing it right away and keep doing it until your forget all about whatever you were worrying about, at first you may have to do this many times a day but it should become less and less frequent as time goes on and before you know it you will stop worrying about things beyond your control and you will have a much better attitude and hopefully a healthier and happier life.

So remember the next time you start to worry about something out of your control like Global Warming or Nuclear Proliferation to stop and take a deep breath and then do something on your list right away like play some free arcade games and enjoy yourself instead of worrying. If you do this you will live a happier and healthier life.