Signs of a Sick Baby


signs of a sick babyNew parents who have children sometimes still do not understand what kind of conditions that shows that their children are sick. For that parents should know signs that a baby is sick.

When the baby is still under the age of 6 months, then the body is susceptible to many diseases. Well, here are some signs that a baby is sick.

Baby could be said to have a fever if their body temperature is over 100 °F. If fever is followed by rash, breathing difficulty, stiff neck, vomiting or diarrhea, then immediately contact a doctor. Fever itself is not a disease, but baby’s’ responses to a disease primarily caused by infection.

Dehydration can occur if the baby has a poor appetite, fever, an environment that is too warm or continuous vomiting and diarrhea. This condition can be identified by dry mouth and gums, rarely wet diapers and no tears when crying.

Parents need to contact a doctor if there is blood in the stool or stools have a black color, more than six times of watery bowel movements and difficult to drink.

Babies may often vomits after feeding, if it only happens once or twice it is probably not a serious condition. But if this condition occurs often it should be a concern.

Breathing Difficulty
Babies who have trouble breathing are characterized by symptoms of breathing faster than normal, grunted when exhaling, the baby’s head bobbing and the baby’s lips or skin looks bluish. These conditions should receive serious attention and get medical attention.

If the rash covers a large area, especially if it occurs in the face, accompanied by fever, bleeding or swelling, then there is the possibility of a rash caused by infection.

Upper respiratory tract infections are caused by a virus and are very common in babies, usually can last for one or two weeks. If accompanied by fever and poor appetite for several days, then healing can take longer and require medical assistance.

Source: Sheknows