Signs of aging can detect heart attack risk


Can we detect heart attacks only through the signs of aging? A study in the American Heart Association agreed with the thought.

This study found that the more the signs of aging can be used to predict an increased risk of heart disease and heart attack, as reported by CBS News.

“Observing the signs of aging that appear has to be a custom by the doctor in any physical examination,” said Dr. Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen, professor of clinical biochemistry at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

The results were obtained after the researchers studied 11,000 people aged 40 years and above who are members of the Copenhagen Heart Study. After 35 years of research, scientists identified 3,401 participants who have heart disease and 1,708 who had a heart attack.

Some of the participants had signs of aging such as hair loss, narrowing areas of hair on the head, wrinkles, a collection of fat around the eyeball called xanthelasma.

The signs can be used to predict the risk of heart attack. The risk also applies to people who have only one sign of aging. While xanthelasma shows strong signs of the risk of heart disease and heart attacks.

According to researchers, people who have the highest risk of heart disease are those 70 years old and have some signs of aging.