Signs of Depression in Men


Depression Signs in MenNowadays depression is increasingly getting familiarly felt by the modern society, including in men, which many people say are more powerful mentally than women. Well, we can actually know when men are depressed, here are some signs of depression experienced by men, according to Health.

1. Experience a series of physical and emotional changes. They feel exhausted, slowed physical movements, such as speaking and thinking.

2. Sleep problems. Restless sleep, wake up early morning, or oversleeping are common symptoms of depression.

3. Abdominal pain (constipation or diarrhea) and backache. This problem is a common symptom of depression.

4. Irritability. Instead of feeling down, a man who is depressed often show signs of anger.

5. Difficult to concentrate. Psychomotor response of depressed men can become slow. This resulted in a decrease of concentration in work.

6. Stressed. Exposure to prolonged stress can cause changes in both body and brain. In turn, it can cause depression.

7. Drug abuse. Depression is more common in alcoholics than those who drinks without having problems.

8. Sexual dysfunction. Depression is a common reason for lack of arousal and erectile dysfunction.

9. Commit suicide. Women with depression also have suicidal tendencies. But men have suicidal ideation four times as much.