Signs of People Who Had Plastic Surgery


face lift surgeryMany people had changes in their faces but denies doing a plastic surgery. Well, to make sure of it is quite easy actually, because there are 8 signs that indicates a person has had plastic surgery that can hardly be denied.

Some people sometimes do not want to admit that they had plastic surgery on their face. But now people can tell if someone had plastic surgery or not.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a cosmetic surgeon in Troy, Michigan said there are 8 signs of plastic surgery.

1. Look to the ear
Try whispering and observe his ear, because there is no facial plastic surgery that leaves no scar on the ear. Sometimes the transition from the ear skin looks clear or there is thickened skin due to scars.

2. Has a  ‘sinister look’
If someone previously looks nice, then suddenly has an angry face then  it is probably a result of botox. Injections of botox in the forehead can distort the eyebrows, Dr. Young calls it a face with ‘sinister look’. This can be fixed by another injections above the eyebrows.

3. Does not have sagging skin despite being over 60
Dr. Young said that almost everyone over the age of 60 years old have some sagging skin or skin folds in the upper eyelid. So if anyone can shut and open their eyes wide, then chances are he has done plastic surgery.

4. Raisins in the ear
During face lift surgery, surgeons sometimes remove auricles form the face and pulls skin tight and then reattach the ear. If not done properly, then there will be little wrinkles like a raisin in the ear part. To fix it, another surgery is needed.

5. Face looks swollen
Although rarely found, but there are some people who look younger but has a swollen face like balloon. This condition can be resulted by injecting too much fat, so it must be treated by liposuction.

6. Bunny Nose
When someone smiles and her nose looks like a rabbit, there is a possibility he injected Botox into the bridge of the nose. This is to get rid of odd shape of the nose.

7. Do not have a turkey neck
Dr Young said almost all people over 50 have skin like a gobbler neck. So if they do not have it, chances are they had plastic surgery.

8. Trout Pout

Dr. Young explains the lower lip is usually 50 percent larger than the upper lip. So if there is someone who has an upper lip which looks bigger, there is the possibility it is a variation of the results of silicone injections.

source: CBSNews