Signs of Stroke Can be Seen in Our Eyes


eye stroke signsVarious risk of diseases such as diabetes and hypertension can be seen from the condition of the retina. Now, the same method can also be used to estimate the risk of stroke and the accompanying damage, including dementia.

The way is by observing the condition of the small blood vessels in the retina (eyeball), which position is on the front of the eyeball. The presence of bleeding or leakage in these parts, has long been linked with risk of diabetes and hypertension.

A Study in Australia reveals that the symptom which is also known as retinopathy, is associated with a mini-stroke. Someone who experienced retinopathy has a 2-3 times greater risk for experiencing a mini-stroke.

Mini-stroke is a blockage of blood vessels in a small area in the brain. Although it is mild, the disease also known as brain infarction, in the long run could trigger a stroke or even accompanied by other damages such as dementia.

The study, which was initiated by the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), is an important breakthrough in dealing with a mini-stroke. Because until now, the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology, can only detect damage caused by mini-stroke without being able to identify the initial symptoms.

“Mini-strokes are actually early warnings of more severe brain damage, but we want to know the signs  earlier so that prevention can be done more optimally,” said Dr Ning Cheung from CERA, according to Ninemsn.

According to Ning, retinopathy is a unique way and does not  cause damage (invasive) to see the condition of brain health. Because it is easy to do, Ning hopes this method can help maximize the effort of preventing stroke and dementia.