Signs That a Body Needs Antibiotics


antibioticsCareless use of antibiotics can create super germs, so doctors will not carelessly prescribe the drug. Besides through lab examination, doctors also can determine the prescription of antibiotics on the basis of certain symptoms.

According to Health, here are signs indicating that the body needs antibiotics.

1. Fever
Bacterial infections can cause fever characterized by an increase in body temperature that is sometimes accompanied by shaking or shivering. Without these signs, doctors will not prescribe antibiotics to patients.

But fever does not always need antibiotics, for example if caused by infection with influenza virus. Infection with flu do not need to be given antibiotics and it can not be cured by the drug, on the contrary it will heal by itself because it is a self-limiting disease.

2. Prolonged illness
Influenza virus infection will only be treated with antibiotics if it is prolonged, causing other problems such as sinus infections. If flu symptoms do not subside within a few weeks, most likely the doctor will prescribe antibiotics.

3. Yellowish sputum
The color of respiratory secretions, including mucus and sputum can indicate the type of infections that occur, whether it is a flu virus or bacterial infection though its accuracy is not too reliable. The mucus will remain clear and watery in flu infection, while in the bacterial infection will become thick and yellow or greenish.

4. Sore throat
The presence of bacterial infection in the throat is marked with white patches between the redden sore throa. Most of the fever begins with a sore throat, but not all of them needs antibiotic. Without the white patches, the anti-inflammatory drugs alone can cope.

5. Results of laboratory tests
The most accurate way to determine the presence of bacterial infection is to perform laboratory tests on samples of mucus or urine, but usually it requires more time and cost. Doctors may prescribe antibiotics without doing this test if other signs are strong enough to indicate a bacterial infection.