Signs When Panic Attacks


sings of panic attackWe face many problems in life, and for some people who are not calm in dealing with their problems, usually panic will strike them. These people should relax more because in certain circumstances the body also needs to be calm and free from panic attacks. So it is important for you to know signs when panic attacks your body.

When panic comes from or are in stressful situation, then we can choose to fight the panic or just walk away from it. At the same time stress hormones will flow through the body’s systems, if not treated these stress hormones can cause physical and mental damage.

Well, here are some signs that the body needs rest, according to health24.

1. Feels dizzy
When experiencing panic, people can not think clearly. Adrenaline surge will cause some blood flow diverted from the brain and sent to the muscles. This will cause a sense of lightheadedness.

2. Breath faster
The muscles of the body requires increased levels of oxygen to function properly when attacked by panic. The only way to get a lot of oxygen is to accelerate the process of breathing.

3. Can not sleep
When experiencing panic,  a lot of thoughts and feelings of anxiety that makes a person stay awake will appear. A complex chemical process will trigger someone to sleep every night, but this process will be hampered if the cortisol hormone are high. Though this hormone should be at the lowest level at night.

4. The body feels itchy and eczema appears
Excess cortisol hormone during panic will stimulate release of histamine in the body. This condition will trigger itching on the skin or eczema suddenly reappeares.

5. Body sweating
When experiencing panic, the heart rate and blood pressure will increase. This causes a person to sweat more to keep the body temperature remain stable.

6. Blurred vision
There are many causes of blurred vision. But panic attacks will cause high blood pressure which triggers headaches and cause blurred vision.

7. More frequent urination
Anxiety or panic will make the body lose vitamins B6 and cause people to urinate frequently.

8. Weight loss or weight gain
Some people try to cope with panic by eating unhealthy foods while in the other hand other people will loose their appetite.

9. Susceptible to canker sores
One cause of canker sores is a lack of vitamin B12, and the trigger can come from any constant tension or panic.

10. Increased consumption of alcohol
Some people tries to overcome panic by consuming alcohol, but if the consumption is excessive it will make the body become stressed and will exacerbate the condition.

11. Frequent infections
When the body often experience panic, then indirectly the body is always in a standby condition. This of course will affect the immune system, making it more susceptible to infections.

12. Not interested in sex

Believe it or not when the body feels panic, then sex is not included in the list of  important needs. And if panic happens continuously, it will be disastrous for someone’s libido level.

If you happen to experience one of the above conditions, give the body time to rest. For example by way of practicing yoga, breathing a soothing aromatherapy, deep breathing or consume water.