Signs You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar


Beware, sugar is far more harmful than salt!

A piece of chocolate, cupcake or brownie is difficult to reject. Sweets are clearly tempting, especially when your stomach is hungry.

However, you should be careful because these foods contain a lot of sugar.

Sugar is beneficial to provide energy for the body. But are you aware that excessive sugar levels in the body can disrupt not only diet, but also has the potential to disrupt health.

Here are the warning signs that you eat too much sugar, as reported by Care2.

1. Changes in mood

Sugar intake can disrupt energy levels. Eating sugar does raise blood sugar levels and make you excited. Conversely, when blood sugar drops, you actually lose spirit.

2. The constant desire to eat sugar

Eating sugar increases the desire to eat sweet foods and carbohydrates. When you eat a lot of sugar, a large amount of dopamine is released in the brain. Because dopamine makes ou feel good, you will always want to eat sweet foods.

3. Weight loss.

Sugar is high in calories but filling, so it is easy to cause excess calories in your body.

Excessive sugar intake can also cause insulin resistance associated with weight gain.

Note that weight gain and insulin resistance could open the entrance of diseases such as type II diabetes.

4. Brain fog after eating sweet foods.

Not being able to concentrate or form a proper sentence and the feelings as if all the blood rushes out of the brain.

Brain fog is a sign of low blood sugar. Blood sugar levels usually go down a few hours after eating sugar / eating sugary foods.

5. Skin problems.

Eating too much sugar / sweets can damage the hormone and has the effect of inflammation on the body that can cause acne, eczema, oily skin, rosacea or dry skin.

If you have sensitive skin, the effects of excess sugar can be seen after a few days. Fortunately, all the skin problems associated with sugar will disappear after you reduce the intake.

6. Frequent pain.

Excessive sugar intake weakens the immune system, which will consequently lower the body’s ability to cope with illness and stress.

Before treating colds and flu with over-the-counter, first subtract the first intake of sugar you consume.