Simple Blood Test to Detect Heart Disease


detect heart attack Heart attack sound frightening for everyone, this diseases had killed people all over the world, although it was known that people who once suffered from heart disease can live longer, now one would want this disease to come to them.

A quite simple and inexpensive test procedure that can detect heart attacks will be available starting next year. The scientists said that the on going study is very close to the discovery of  heart attack prediction.

A blood test will reveal whether someone is faced with high risks of cardiovascular attacks. If proven, the patient can be immediately given drugs to thin the blood and prevent heart attacks.

U.S. researchers who developed this test believe that a blood test can predict heart attacks that occur two or three weeks before the attack. The cost of checking is fairly cheap, under £ 65 per person.

In the future, patients can even use a microchip implanted in their bodies to detect the danger signs of the cardiovascular system.

The research was done by by U.S. scientists at the ‘Scripps Research Institute’ in La Jolla, California. The study focused on cells that are released when the artery had cracks, ahead of heart attacks. Most heart attacks start with a split artery damage caused by smoking, high blood pressure or other factors.

After several weeks, the damaged blood clot will block blood flow and cause a heart attack.

Lead researcher, Dr. Eric Topol, says that a simple heart attack test is ready for use later this year. “This could be an ideal way to diagnose a heart attack before it happens,” he said.

Dr Paddy Barrett added, “We have been moving toward the holy grail of medicine in terms of predicting those who are on the peak of a heart attack.”

However, British scientists are more cautious and said that the research is still in its early stages. Professor Peter Weissberg, The Medical Director of the ‘British Heart Foundation’, said, “The study only shows that patients of heart attack have abnormal cells. This does not indicate that these cells are present before a heart attack occurs.”

According to him, further exploration is needed to verify that the abnormal cells arise only during a heart attack and are not present in other diseases.

Without performing the test, you should already start living a healthy lifestyle to avoid heart disease. You can start with daily habits like reducing the consumption of sweet drinks because it causes the heart to be vulnerable to attacks.