Simple life, the secret of longevity of Chinese citizens!


the secret of longevity of Chinese citizensLiving in areas of deprivation does not mean there is no welfare. The proof, the Chinese people can survive up to the age of over 100 years. Not only one lives long, but the numbers are hundreds!

A village called Chengmai which is in the island province of Hainan has claimed more than 200 people over the age of 100 of the total population of 560,000. The amount is one of the highest ratios in the world.

As reported by Nydailynews (15/7), they can survive since the civil war and hunger disaster. Many residents live in shacks without heating. Even so apparently they are the longest-living people on earth.

Li Aizhu, a 113-year-old resident lives very simple. He sleeps in a tiny bedroom with an electric fan. Every day he sees a duck past his house.

Some residents got the title “Supercentenarian”. The name given to people over the age of 110, which amount is not more than 400 people worldwide.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Holdaway of the China Institute for Health and the Environment, a social organization of the U.S. health Chengmai visited last year, said that the economy grew from the agricultural sector. Most of the people are farmers and eat what they grow.

“There are not many industries, the climate is also good, they can easily train your body, and apply a healthy diet. They eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Selenium-rich soil is also very nutritious,” she said.

Also according to the study of the Communist Party committee Chengmai, which makes them live long is diligent, simple-minded and generous, vegetarian diet, eating a healthy diet, sleep early and wake up early.

Not only from food. They also have a great social life. Parents often get together, play cards, chat and listen to the radio play Chinese opera.

It turns out the secret of long life is very simple after all.