Simple Snoring Solutions


I want to show everyone to the world of snoring. A world inhabited by an estimated 30% of the world population. That’s nearly 2 billion men, women, and children which snore too. If we place everyone who snores in one country the population would be six times bigger than the current U.S. population! So never think you are alone with your problem.

What causes us to snore? Simply a vibration of the uvula in the back of our throats causes it. As to why you snore it could be any number of things. Some factors to consider are age, diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, body weight, or even the size of your nasal passageways. The list of snoring causes is endless and new reasons are found everyday and are added to it. It seems as though nothing you do can allow you to escape from snoring. So if you don’t snore yet there is little chance escaping the grasp of the snore.

The real reason for this article is to discuss of actual ways to stop snoring. If you want more information as to why you snore or what’s causes it there are many other articles on snoring online.

“Simple treatments to help you stop snoring” sounds great doesn’t it? Well I hate to break it to you but there is no magic pill that’s going to help this time. Don’t lose hope just yet, there are ways to get relief from snoring but easy they are not.

Lose Weight – This may not apply to all of us but one of the causes of snoring is excess fat pressing on the throat blocking the breathing passage. If this is your problem your actually lucky! You could kill two birds with stone. By losing weight not only will be better off health wise but if it stops your snoring to, you’re a lucky one.

Stop Smoking – Is there anything positive about smoking? These days we hear more and more about the terrible side effects of smoking. Smoking is not only extremely unhealthy but it also weakens the lungs and clogs the throat that can cause snoring. Stop smoking and you will be much better off and quite possibly snore free.

Side Sleeping – This is one of the major ones. Could it really be that simple? It could. Study after study have shown that by simply sleeping on your side you can help stop snoring. By sleeping on your side you are preventing your tongue from blocking your air passageway. This is the concept behind all of these snoring pillows you see on the market. They are designed to be uncomfortable in any position other than on your side, so as your turn at night your body will just always end up on its side.

Sprays/Strips and More – For those of us that really don’t like to sleep on our side the other option is to try some of the many products on the market. I will tell you now that they ALL WORK. Yes you heard me they ALL WORK. Each person has a unique reason as to why they snore and with each reason is a unique solution. For some nasal strips work just fine, for others special sprays work, the unfortunate others are left with surgery or strange contraptions that you strap to your head.

What do I recommend? You need to try a little bit of everything if you hope to stop snoring. If you try nasal strips and they don’t work, so what… you lost $10. Move on a try something else; once you find the perfect product you will know it. You are unique what works for others may not work for you. I assure you that once you find the right one your life will completely turn around.